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And you so very, very good,' 'I am not good at all.

Janet Erskine would certainly never get herself into trouble with her ton'^ue. 'They were very wicked.' ' Wicked, Annie 1 Oh, nonsense.

Perhaps had the thing not concerned Adam's happiness, she might not have felt so bitter. Twenty years had somewhat changed him, however, and he looked his years to the full. If yini iiiust know, you inquisitive elf, I am on my to see Piirvos. 81ie was still the same gentle, Idving-hearted woman; the ccuitre of can? seemed like one who would succuiuh at tlie lirst touch of sorrow or car(\ Neither of these had come near her since the day she had became Sir Aridiii'S wife.

So long as she had been subservient in every parti- cular, and had not thwarted her in any desire or aim, all went well ; but now that Annie had grown to womanhood, and seemed disposed to claim for herself a woman's privileges, Janet Erskine rose up in arms. Veda's had still a tall, splendidly- proportioned figure, and he was thoroughly at home in the saddle. The afternoon rest had hecome a necessary j)art of lun* life. d, a frail creature, madi; for sniisliine and happiness; s Ik?

You are vexed with me.' ' Oh no, not with you ; oidy you do not understaml.* The girl passed her hand with a sudden, quick gesture across her brow. If I say more, perhaps you will not speak to me again at all. I know they have done a great deal for me ; that they kept me from going to the pocrhouse, Avliere I suppose I should have gone but for them. What about T ' Oh, Miss Ethel, dear, I wish I could tell you,' cried Annie Erskine, and a great trembling shook her. She drew nearer to her, and laid her soft hand very quietly on Annie's bare arm.