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Moreover, his confinement was more than comfortable by any standards.

During his legendary twenty-seven years in prison, Mandela communicated freely with his followers, and somehow managed to accumulate a considerable fortune.

He was continually offered release by the white Apartheid government, but on one condition: that he renounce violence in pursuit of political reform. Mandela was personally involved in the targeting and timing of terrorist bombings that took place during his imprisonment.

Even a group as left-leaning as Amnesty International refused to grant Mandela political prisoner status because of the obviously violent character of his ideology and his actions.

With their motto of “liberation before education,” the ANC has proved itself completely incapable of governing, and South Africa is sliding into chaos at an alarming rate.

Since 2004, South Africa has experienced almost constant political protests, many of them violent.

In the past fifty years, there have been more wars in Africa than in all the other continents combined.

And everything is considered a weapon of war: ethnic cleansing, child soldiering and child rape, even cannibalism.

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The nation is staggered by unemployment, corruption throughout all levels of the police, military, and civil service, and ubiquitous, inescapable crime.

His African National Congress party ran a horrific camp for political prisoners in Angola, with daily torture and murder, often by the “necklacing” technique, whereby a gasoline-filled tire is placed around the neck of a victim and set ablaze.

Virtually all the victims of this particular horror were blacks.

Since the wave of decolonization following World War II, the number of African states ruled by ruthless dictators has always been in the majority, and sometimes approached unanimity.

The precise number of tyrants involved is actually difficult to ascertain.One simply loses count, and the shadows of the worst of them conceal the merely “semi-heinous” crimes of the lesser despots, so that their names are eclipsed and you find yourself asking: “Does so-and-so really fit the African definition of a tyrant?

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